Contemporary Art work merges with everyday fashion, the perfect combination.


Great looking tops and bottoms can be purchased from Next Level World.  Available casual tops include T-shirts, baseball jerseys and crew-neck sweatshirts and zip-up hoodies.   Other items such as, ties, pants, leggings, crop tops, and long-sleeve T-Shirt are also available.  With all of our garments we deliver brilliant artistic designs that stand out and make a bold statement.


We design a world where the disciplines of artistic design, and fine fashion merge and interact to produce vibrant styles and uncommon contemporary designs. Many companies sell clothes that contain simple meaningless graphics, while here we strive to create clothing that are wearable art and have meaning rather than just your average graphic tee or hoodie. We strive to bring art back to society without the focus of a price tag.

It is up to us to make sure the our blue planet exists always. At this time of Global Warming we also find that our seas are being polluted by an overabundance of plastic waste.  A large amount of this waste is comprised of plastic bottles and containers.  Here at NLW we are transitioning to sustainable fabrics that come from the recycling of plastic bottles, that may of previously ended up in the ocean.  More that ever now we are encouraged to become more conscious of our environment, to pay attention to the changes in the atmosphere and the transformations in the land, in the water, and in the air. We must take care of these things that surround us, and we must change our behavior and treatment towards our homeland, our Mother Earth.  In the future we will endeavor to use "blue positive" fabrics recycled from plastic bottles, and  promotion of recycling as a way to stop continuing waste that pollutes our oceans by turning plastic waste into new fabrics for our clothing construction. Please stay tunes as we introduce these fabrics over the coming weeks.

NLW Plastic Bottle Recycling Program

If you see anything your like and have questions just drop us a line via email or messenger.  Thank you for Shopping Next Level World.