NLW Fashion Takeover Show

Next level World-Dkdesignfashion - Derrick Grant of Dkdesignfineart presented a vibrant fashion show at NYCFW HitechModa Show.  We are proud to be able to show at this spectacular Spring event. The show is called Colors in the Sand and features the natural beauty and colors that we see in nature.


For instance, we see that a desert full of sand and appears as one color (ranging from white to beige to bright red) from a distance, but, if you observe a single grain of sand it expresses its own color; reflecting the sun’s light. Thus, like the sand we are spirited individuals connected to the “whole”; shining and adding  our own color  to the world.


The desert  represents  diversity, hidden behind the mask of quiet desolation. Each desert is unique in its own way, whether we lose ourselves in the sand storms of the Sahara, or dream of a desert night under the moon in Arizona. Inspired by the chromatography of the desert landscape, we’ve borrowed fashion styles from the dunes of Morocco to the Gohbi Desert of China, and blended these ideas to produce this fashion collection that represents the individual colors of life coming together in chromatic harmony. So that even when one looks closely at the bland desert, they can still recognize the colors in the sand.



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Colors in the Sand


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