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Atman: the Caribbean Lion


Atman: A term that is represented throughout Hindu theology as looking beyond our physical existence, the Atman encourages the mind to explore beyond what is perceived to be reality. Yet this realm of true consciousness is hidden beneath the false illusion created by the ego, which ties the soul to a world of materialism and superficial happiness. This project would like to explore the creation of the ego through an artistic event in association with Miami Art Basel, combining Art, Music, and Fashion, in order to pull back the layers of ego, and to discover the Atman; the universal spirit within. The show also links with my roots, which stems from the Caribbean nation of Jamaica.  There, as children, we were taught to honor our divine spirit and true nature and to reject imposed identities.

CONCEPT OF THE EXHIBITION: Our current project involves the exploration of the ego, from the artistic perspective, and how the ego relates to our sense or reality. It discusses our questions of purpose and our own places within the greater fabric of society. Each art piece represents a person who is deep in thought, contemplating the world that he or she lives in, and how it is governed by a spiritual ego, that has been created all through their lives. Yet one entity that is always constant is the creation that we call ourselves. We have all started off as conscious, spiritual beings, which are all interconnected, however, the more we are exposed to our perceived notion of reality, the more we create an image or a ghost of ourselves that we think is a necessity to survive this believed reality. We all started off as holy entities formed into spiritual beings, and are all interconnected and therefore should return to this enlightened state of being. These art pieces on canvas represent these ideas.


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