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Pop Up (Fall 2018)


Next Level World has a tendency to start a crowd where ever we go. We pop up everywhere like the eagles parade, to the hollowed parade. Recently we had the opportunity to pop up at Mana-Contemporaey for their opening gala and took some amazing photos with the art pieces across the Museum. We even had a great opportunity to perform with a dance school and pop up on the radio to announce this spectacular show.



The Takeover


This show was a great opportunity to bring an incredible fashion show to a rough neighborhood in Philadelphia where many hiphop legends came out of. Julian worked along side Wayne to show how creative, industry and quick this town is by creating an art music fashion show that had djs, various rappers, as well as street wear. This show was cool because many neighborhood celebrities came out like Dougie who made the beat to the platinum song with Meek Mill save me, as well as Snow had who Freeway’s son. Along with some support from Asap mob and more.





Travel By map shows


Check us out on the runway, online, at a photoshoot, in the magazine, or maybe at your next dance party. We have worked with World Town Sound System that specializes in international house music that gets the party pumping with photo booths and fun for all. We now style hype men/women and models that bring the life to the party, with acrobats, dancing, cat walking, and general fun all styled by Next Level Worlds eccentric clothing. We had first presented this concept at the ravishing Liaison room in Fishtown for a few Djay partys. Then we presented the line with art and Fur at the Barnes Museum with dancing, modeling, and the pure essence of Art, Music, Fashion. Let us take your party to the Next Level with styled models that bring the party where ever they go.



Fine Art Shows




Art Basel 2018


This Art/fashion event occured last year and launched the birth of DKdesigns transition into the world of of Afro futurism. This event was held with the Miami Tourist Bureau, in Opa Locka and was curated by Sebastian grant and Ludlow Bailey. This event was incredible because the committee brought out steel pan and Caribbean costume design that complemented the show beautifully.  The show was about releasing ones ego to discover their true self, the AtMan.









Art Basel 2019


The artist Ju-Lyon performed at Basel house Miami performing a show about the destruction of our earth and restoring it through art and culture. The performance came together beautifully with fire spinners and dancers grooving to the music as he danced and performed on top of a trailer overlooking the entire park. This event brought in a spirit of fun celebration and respect for our planet using art and culture.


Sunrise City Circus





Sammy Alexander art Gala

This event was unique because it was an art music fashion Gala apart of Philly fashion week that had 10 designers, 10 artists and musical performances/sound curated by Next Level World. Next Level World curates mainly fashion but has a roster of musicians to play music catered to themes and artwork, like the harpist we booked for this Roman Theme event. The show was very successful with a live stream set up  that switches cameras curated by the Boom Room Studios.


New York and Philly DKdesign Fashion Shows 2018

Fall NYC fashion Week 2018

Concept of the Fashion Show- And I’ll Rise

By Derrick Grant and Sebastian Grant


As simply stated by the great Maya Angelou “You may write me down in history, with your bitter, twisted lies, you may trod me in the very dirt but still, like dust, I’ll rise. These very compelling and succinct words start a poem addressing struggle, and the will to liberate oneself from the chains of oppression and rise to all occasions.

Dkdesignfineart-Next Level World Fashion Shows 2015-18

Sept 2017

Welcome to our couture fashion show page at   Dkdesignfineart/Next Level world. We have expanded our line create new textiles and to produce exclusive individual designs, most of which are made to measure. Many of these designs include exclusively designed men’s suit Jackets, women's evening wear and fashionable tops.

 In our emerging fashion world, we contribute to style by creating signature fashion pieces that are unique and make a strong statement on the runway as well as in the streets.

The runway show at Harlem Fashion Week 2016 and 2017 demonstrated fashion pieces that imbue the calming spirit of the Eastern Buddha to a fiery suit with raging flames to underwater scenes featured in garments, such as the Aqua Dress.  If you are interested in purchasing any of our couture pieces please contact us by email or phone.  Thank you.



Black-Hair Show Brooklyn NY, 2017

This show demonstrates the merger of high fashion with creative natural hair styles in black males. Extending back to prehistoric era we have evidence that hair is the most essential and original fashion statement we humans possess. Even before we had the ability to assemble animal hides into clothing, primitive people ornamented their hair.


The integration of hair styles with elegant clothing has been a trend for the past 3000 years.  This is especially true for the African continent, where the inhabitants cultivated hairstyles extending 100,000 years back. The emergence of personal style often included the use of natural hair. Nevertheless in the modern era, we, as proud black people, have spent far too long hiding behind our unnatural hair. Like the chains originally clasped to our feet, our straightened, and ironed hair has become the shackles to our beauty and our culture, preventing us from showing our true identity.


Clothing has always however, been a great tool for artistic and cultural expression amongst the African people and their descendants.  It is through our established and ever-changing cultural identities (EGO) that fashion is created and disseminated in our communities.  It is from this identity of self, this ego, from which we project our image, our culture, and our perceptions, in the form of fashion, and discover our true self hidden within.


Spring NYC Fashion Week 2017

NLW was able to show our latest signature pieces on the runway at New York Fashion Week, Harlem at the Museum of New York.  The show featured the theme "Colors in the Sand" an if you are an art lover like we are, then this couture collection is perfect for you!

Just Imagine: In the imagery of the runway show, you open your eyes, you find yourself completely alone in a dry open desert. You're eyes are burning from the howling wind. You're skin is seared from the powerful force of sand clouds pummeling your body again and again. You're mouth is parched, you haven't drank water in a long time. You are searching for an end to this suffering, an end to this madness, an end to this hell. Then you find it, a verdant oasis, gushing with streams of pure water. You open your eyes to the calm wind brushing against your cheeks. You touch the ferns, which soothe your skin. You finally bend down and drink the water, and you spirit is nourished. With this moment of respite, you finally realize that amongst the harsh climates, entrapped in vicious cycles of sand, you can find moments of color that will always comfort you, and push you to continue the journey of life.  You see water and colors in the sand, Presented by designers Derrick Grant and Julyan Grant, and featuring accessories by Jonathan Broderick and music by Julyan Grant, welcome to Colors in the Sand.

Earth Day and Runway the Real Way Fashion Shows 2017 & Fit Fashion 2018

Catherine Schuller: CREATOR/CURATOR

Earth Day Event:

In order to celebrate EarthDay weekend Next Level World premiered a series of original art pieces depicting the destruction of the planet over time if we don’t change our current course. During this event we released art pieces created by Derrick Grant (DKdesignfineat) and a collection of Neoprene sweatshirts inspired by the art work.  This video reviews the Fashion show and display of the art show organized by Cathrine Schuller, creator, and curator at Runway the Real Way, LLC.  She is also the founder and President at Model Maker Mentors and Instructor at Fashion Institute of Technology. The Real Way LLC fashion brunch at Supernova NYC.



Harlem Fashion Week NYC 2016

Julyan and Derrick Grant designers.

Here are a few of our signature pieces that were exhibited on the runway at New York Fashion Week.  If your an art lover like we are, then this couture collection for you! We present a collection that simultaneously combines art, style and fashion all in one garment! The collection explodes with fun vibrant patterns could pair with virtually anything in your closet. Our designs also offers that effortless chic street urban wear so you'll be sure to be the trend setter, wherever you go!



Selections from Atlantic City Fashion Week 2015

NLW Ocean Goer T-Shirt and Jacket Set

20 Dec 2015

Polycotton Summer Dye Sublimated Dress

20 Dec 2015

NLW White Cotton Suit

20 Dec 2015

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