Merging the Lines between Fashion, Art and Design

At DKdesignfineart contemporary art work merges with high fashion, the perfect artistic combination.


In the world of the expanding Internet, new businesses must have balanced inputs from the commercial market, technology (e.g., social media), and a strong voice that can be heard above all others in order to stay strong and survive in a competitive arena. We have combined three strong marketable product to form our company; these distinct categories are Art, Music, and Fashion; they work together to support each other  in order to strengthen the companies voice.  Normally these products are created and marketed independently however they have a common thread that allows them to function together as a unit.

"Never before has a designer so effectively combined real vs. virtual, and fashion vs. art in a seamless manner, whereby the synergy from the clothes and digital art are weaved and transmitted into each other."  by Marianna Redaelli


Some of the Best Art Basel exhibits this year showed merged Fashion and Art including: Moschino, Lisa Perry,George McCracken and Sanya Kantarovsky, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol, and Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton.


It is our goal at Next Level World to use the artwork produced at DKdesignfineart to print intense and vibrant fabrics that we will use to design high fashion garments that make an impact on the runway and in the urban setting.

New york Fashion week 2019- Hitechmoda-fashion takeover Show

A dress and bodice corset combination that is bold and aggressive that delivers the artwork "Couples" right on the front.  It is trimmed with a partially sleeveless fur vest.

Colors In the Sand



BY:    Derrick Grant and Sebastian Grant



Show Concept:


The world is like a vast desert, one regards it as a “whole entity” until they look closely to discover the single grains of sand that make up a part of the whole. Each grain burst with vibrant colors and reflections. Similarly, one first sees the forest before they recognize the tree. One first sees the river before they recognize the drop of water. One first sees the community before they recognize the many people that make it. People of various colors, faiths, identities, each contributing their part to make up the whole. People with eyes of grey, blue, green, or brown, or with hair that’s long, short, straight, or curly. People dressed in shirts, suits, dresses, veils, skirts, pants, each one decorated in bright colors of saffron, scarlet, or royal blue. People caught up in their own daily lives, each one a single ant to a energetic colony, displaying the pride of their culture through explorations of history, dance, and the celebration of life. These are the people of many colors, displaying many shades of vibrant pigment in stark contrast against the supposedly dull vision of humanity.


The desert also  represents such diversity, hidden behind the mask of quiet desolation. Each desert is unique in its own way, whether we lose ourselves in the sand storms of the Sahara, or dream of a desert night under the moon in Arizona. Inspired by the chromatography of the desert landscape, we’ve borrowed fashion styles from the dunes of Morocco to the Gohbi Desert of China, and blended these ideas to produce this fashion collection that represents the individual colors of life coming together in chromatic harmony. So that even when one looks closely at the bland desert, they can still recognize the colors in the sand.



here are examples of some of our Garments created as wearable artpieces.

Couture Catalogue of Garments  on sale now

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Aqua Coral Dress

$ 735

Aqua Coral dress: This dress is a water-pattern dress that will stand out at any social event or on the red carpet. Below the pleated bodice the skirt flows and moves like the bottom of the ocean. A dramatic water art piece can be seen shimmering below the semi-transparent blue fabric. The fabric is a super soft polyester to bring out the art color and the drape is a light chiffon.  (size 12)

Turquoises Jacket

$ 625

 When you wake up from a dream, the memory of it fades away but the glowing feeling last all day.  Corporate people deserves to express their dreams and fashion sense as much as artists do. Be the dreamer and express your feelings with this fashionable jacket. Exterior made of dye sublimated denim and inside lined with a soft brushed-cotton. (size 42R)



$ 195

Age and time image on NLW Neoprene sweatshirt.  This one of a kind dye sublimated sweatshirt is constructed using breathable Neoprene fabric on the torso and  sleeves, and grey cotton cuffs and collar. (Size Large)



$ 565

Peaceful Meditation Jumpsuit:  The 70s style is back, with cultural confusion and experimental fashion and we embrace it with this easy-flowing jumpsuit. This stunning piece is meant to move like water but chic and tailored for any business meeting or cocktail party. The garment is made of a super soft polyester fabric.


$ 945

Style: Sometimes you have to go through hell to reach your dreams,. The suit is meant to stand out and make a strong statement. The suit exterior is made from satin and silk fabric on the exterior and trimmed with royal blue satin.  (size 42R/ 34X32)



$ 475

Age and time image on NLW Neoprene sweatshirt.  This one of a kind dye sublimated sweatshirt is constructed using breathable Neoprene fabric on the torso and  sleeves, and grey cotton cuffs and collar. (Size Large)


Faux leather Jacket with Peek-a-boo slits.  Floral Imagine that skirt.

$ 758

Taliored faux leather (jean-style) jacket the is the color of royal blue. it is lined with the imagine that image from the painting and has peek-a-boo slits that show the lining when you walk.


NLW Kimono Jacket:

$ 350


Wisdom and respect is highly praised in Japan, and this fabric portrays both. You will love the way the fabric falls effortlessly off the shoulders yet it fits perfectly. This meditative piece is designed to look sharp and relaxed. Currently the garment is created from satin sheer and line on the inside with NLW pattern silk faille fabric.

Original Art piece, Imagine that.

$ 1800

Please contact me at if you wish to purchase these one of a kind garments.  If you are interested in our ready to wear clothing lines please click here and go to Infinitebit apparel.  Click Here for a peek at our rack clothing.

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