NLW fashion started as a small business run by a father (Derrick Grant) and son (Julyan Grant) initially, whose goal was to encourage the artist in every individual and to transfer fineart to wearable garments. The father is an artist who left his profession as a medical professor to raise a family and pursue his dreams of becoming a famous designer and painter. Along that journey his son, a talented hip-hop musician who was always involved with musical art and production saw how his father’s art work was worth more than being stored in the house’s basement. Together they started the company called Next Level World.  The business then had the privilege of having the mom, Shirnett Williamson, join onto NLW to provide guidance, financial and investment management and external company exposure thus giving rise to our company.


The LLC Concept:

In the world of the expanding internet, new businesses must have balanced inputs from the commercial market, technology (e.g., social media), and a strong voice that can be heard above all others in order to stay relevant and survive in a competitive arena.  To do this we at NLW have combined three strong marketable products to form our company; these distinct categories are Art, Music, and Fashion; they work together to support each other  in order to strengthen the companies voice.  Normally these products are created and marketed independently however we now have a common thread that allows them to function together as a unit and produce some wonderful products.


Next Level World is a business that has space to expand and sell multiple products that includes fabrics, patterns, designs, music, art, videos, accessories, and new ways of thinking. Most fabric that make the outfits are cloths dye sublimated and created from the art work of . In the past two years we have managed to do two exhibition including Atlantic City Fashion Week.  We started off by producing t-shirts; in the summer of 2014 we released our first line of t-shirts that consisted of  5 designs of dye-sublimated shirts.  Subsequently we have now, started to create long sleeved shirts, pants, tank tops, leggings and skateboards.  We are in process of expanding our line to couture and plan on creating new textiles to produce exclusive designs. Many of these designs also include exclusively designed men’s neckties and suit Jackets.

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