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Welcome to DKdesignfineart a website specializing in multimedia computer-assisted digital/acrylic art on canvas using primarily Photoshop,  Painter and Illustrator and traditional media.  DKdesignfineart website was created to distribute and sell my artwork.   The medium of expression uses computer graphics to create images that are true to life or surrealistic, using  computer software which are enhanced on large canvas finished with traditional oil and acrylics paints.


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Artist’s Statement


My Name is Derrick Grant and I specialize in digital art and graphic design. I also have a background and training  in traditional fine arts.  I have developed a method that has been referred to as the “Grantique” style.

My current medium of expression uses self-taught computer graphics to create images that are true to life or surrealistic using the combination of the graphic programs.

My background transcends the art and science world. I am a classically trained Human Anatomist and cell biologist. I was educated in Montreal Canada where I attended Vanier College, and McGill University. There I completed my B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD  and have taught at several medical schools. During my time in college I also took several minor electives in Art History, Painting and Drawing.

To create my art pieces I use 3D programs such as, Vue, Poser. I also use Painter,  Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphic programs. The resulting image is transferred to canvas and painted with acrylics in order to enhance the 3d visual. Thus I have been able to combine both fields of Science and Art  to produce  graphical designs that produce an  intense visual effect.

I am happily moving  away from the Science world and  concentrating  my efforts on my artistic career and designing.  My art pieces have now been displayed in several galleries and art shows world-wide such as in Philadelphia, New Hope, Newark, St Thomas V.I.,  San Juan Puerto Rico, London and Paris.


I hope you enjoy my work.



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All about Next Level World


What is Next Level World LLC?

 It’s a world where the disciplines of artistic design, modern music and fine fashion merge and interact to produce vibrant styles, energetic sound and uncommon contemporary designs. Next Level World’s (NLW) main goal is to combine art, music and fashion.


NLW fashion started as a small business run by a father (Derrick Grant) and son (Julyan Grant) initially, whose goal is to encourage the artist in every individual and to transfer art to wearable garments. Together we built the company called Next Level World.  The business then had the privilege of having the mom, Shirnett Williamson, join onto NLW to provide guidance, financial and investment management and external company exposure.


Next Level World,  produces from simple streetwear (T-Shirt, sweatshirts, jogging pants) designed to highly fashionable red carpet-exclusive designs.  No one is left out at,, and the fashion is geared towards the urban dwellers who are rapidly moving into the previously unattainable exclusive fashion world of the elite.


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