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Here at Next Level World, we promise to always encourage creativity, and promote unique concepts and Ideas.  Here you can choose from several art creations to enhance your fashion and style. Many companies sell clothes that contain simple meaningless graphics, while Next Level World strives to create clothes that make an artistic statement and mean something rather than your average graphic tee. In a world where science, math, business and technology evolve so quickly, art can be left behind. We strive to bring art back to society without a focused price tag.

Next Level World provides the best quality t-shirt and sweatshirts and has combined efforts with DKdesign to produce unique and one of a kind wearable art. We will also be expanding to other garments so Stay Tuned !


What is Next Level World LLC? It’s a world where the disciplines of artistic design, modern music and fine fashion merge and interact to produce vibrant styles, energetic sound and uncommon contemporary designs.

NLW concept that has evolved from the passions of two artist who strive to innovate the world through Art, Music and Fashion. The business plan is based on these interconnecting art forms that collaborate on the real-world platform in order to provide new music and fashionable clothing that we will sell to young-minded individuals.


Perseverance, Creativity, Vision: If there were words to describe Next Level World, these would be it. It is through their strength to take initiative, and the strive for success that makes NLW so willing to take fashion farther than any other design company. In a postmodern world of recycled contemporary fashion, NLW has the strength and the goals to revive urban design through originality, creativity, and a vision for the artistic style.


It is through perseverance that makes NLW continue to provide fresh new designs for every customer, and to create their looks with the best care in mind, no matter what barrier stands in the way. This drive to provide the best fashion is shown through their artistic merit, their attention to detail, their contemplation on concept, and their desire to bring urban design to greater heights of brilliance.


Perseverance, Creativity, Vision: It’s what takes Next Level World to the next level.

Next Level World LLC,

Newtown, PA, 18940


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