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On our Fineart site you will be able to purchase original  contemporary artwork used to make garments created by Derrick Grant.

DKDesignFineart Artwork

About DKdesignfineart

Welcome to DKdesignfineart, an online site selling multimedia computer-assisted digital/acrylic art on canvas and high-end designed fashion with an urban twist.  DKdesignfineart and the Next Level World website has merged to distribute and sell Derrick Grant's  artwork on canvas and in his designed clothing lines.   The medium of expression in his art pieces uses computer graphics to create images that are true to life, abstract or surrealistic using  computer graphic design which are printed  on large canvas and enhanced using traditional oil and acrylic paints.  DKdesignFineart  website displays artwork and high-end fashion garments for sale.

Next-level-world Fashion

About Next Level World, LLC

We are  Next Level World and  we promise to always unleash our creativity, and promote unique  fashion concepts, fun events  and new ideas.  We provide contemporary garments whose fabrics display several art creations from DKdesignfineart employed to enhance your fashion and style.We strive to bring art back to society without a focused price tag.

Next Level World provides the best quality t-shirt and sweatshirts to produce unique and one of a kind wearable art.  NLW then promotes fashion shows and events that provides entertainment opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

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DKdesignFineart website displays artwork and high-end fashion garments for sale.    Artwork originally created (by Derrick Grant) on computer are transferred to either paper or canvas then painted with acrylics.  For each art piece only a single canvas is created and can be purchased here. Additionally up to 20 number prints are sold for each art piece.  The same artwork is also transfered to fabric using dye sublimation to create fashionable garments that display the art. Several casual garments are produced through next Level World for Infiniteapparel.   Athletic wear is sold at and will continue to display the highest quality of dye sublimated, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, leggings and Tank-tops.  Additionally NLW promotes fashion shows for their clothes and musical events produced by Julyan Grant.


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Dkdesignfashion Show

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Next Level World- Dkdesignfineart presented a vibrant fashion show at NYCFW HitechModa Show in Feburary 2019.  We are proud to be able to show at this spectacular event.  The NEXT LEVEL WORLD brand are an incredible, cutting-edge and artsy clothing brand that embraces "fashion as art" but also with a profound subtext of Black-American history weaved seamlessly into their visual fashion presentations. According to one of our models: “Designer Derrick Grant and his team really produced a masterfully well-crafted presentation that the fashion world is now buzzing about because the images and craftsmanship from that show are clever, sophisticated and politically charged in ways few other designers would dare explore so publicly.”

Next Level World/DKdesignfashion presented a repeat of the NYC fashion show in Philadelphia at  Sammy Alexander Co. at The Sammy Alexander Art Gala. This was hosted at the Le Méridien Philadelphia Hotel, this event featured other young upcoming artists with pieces displayed in a ballroom and a fashion show in an ajoining library. Dkdesignfashion was brilliant and dynamic and brought a new style to the Philly fashion scene.  (Click button on the right to view)

NLW New York Fashion Week HitechModa Show

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 Modern Digital Art


Thoughts on Digital Surrealism


Conceptually, surrealism is brought into existence through the eruption of subconscious electrical neural-thought and not derived from the world of physical reality.  Therefore the creation of this genre of art requires a limitless environment where digital electrical impulses are allowed to interact in an infinite space.  The results, projected on a 2d canvas, are only the pigmented record of these electrical impulses; following their interactions with each other.  Thus, the computer mimics my neural thought process and produces a physical record that is then mechanically enhanced by me to approximate my perception of the real world. Email me at:


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